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Best-in-class cPanel hosting
shared web hosting solutions

Get affordable and reliable Nigerian cPanel SSD web hosting that’s perfect for your start-up. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got the most resilient and secure shared hosting solution that’s well suited to small businesses. Using top tier speeds along with our quality cloud hosting platform, we ensure your content is served reliably to your end-users. All this, in tandem with unlimited traffic and world-class support, makes us a top trusted partner for your business.

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  • check mark Free SSL certificate
  • check mark Cancel anytime
  • check mark Free migrations
  • check mark Fast & expert support
  • check mark Free .com.ng domain name
  • check mark Locally hosted
  • check mark One-click installs
  • check mark PHP 4.4 5.x 7.x 8.x
  • check mark Outgoing mail protection
  • check mark Incredibly secure
  • check mark Fast SSD servers
  • check mark NodeJS on request
  • check mark Incremental Acronis backups
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark 30-day money-back
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

Web hosting and domain packages

Bag one of our affordable and comprehensive web hosting packages to kickstart your business venture. Our vetted plans include email accounts, a free .com.ng domain, a free SSL certificate, and loads more. If you’ve got a hankering for a bit more of one perk but not the others, we do tailor-made plans as well – just for you.

For Two Websites

₦999 per month

  • 20GB SSD Storage Upgradable
  • Host 2 Domains For two websites
  • 25 Email Accounts Custom email addresses
  • 5 Subdomains 5 Subdomains
  • 5 MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin access
  • 1 FTP Account Account access

For Small Businesses

₦1,699 per month

  • 40GB SSD Storage Upgradable
  • Host 5 Domains For five websites
  • 100 Email Accounts Custom email addresses
  • 100 Subdomains 100 Subdomains
  • 50 MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin access
  • 1 FTP Account Account access

Power Package

₦2,999 per month

  • 100GB SSD Storage Upgradable
  • Host 10 Domains For ten websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts Custom email addresses
  • 500 Subdomains 500 Subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin access
  • 5 FTP Accounts Create custom accounts

For Companies

₦4,999 per month

  • 200GB SSD Storage Upgradable
  • Host 20 Domains For twenty websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts Custom email addresses
  • 1000 Subdomains 1000 Subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin access
  • 10 FTP Accounts Create custom accounts

Billing Options: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.

Client reviews

Our clients have rated our hosting services and support 5 stars!

  • Highly Recommend HOSTAFRICA

    I would highly recommend HOSTAFRICA compared to all the web hosting companies that i have used. the dedicated staff always ready to help and very patient to hear your issues with minimal time taken in having every issue fixed and resolved. Thanks to all the dedicated staff and thank you to Ryno Van Wyk for helping with a sound mind. 100% recommendation from me.
  • Best Website services for everyone.

    HOSTAFRICA is the best, the support is always available and efficient. I am happy I chose them to develop and host my website. The best experience on website hosting, I learnt a lot and without a doubt I do recommend it for anyone who needs website services. Thank you, HOSTAFRICA.
  • Consistent outstanding support

    From personal experience as a long-standing client with several domains, HOSTAFRICA has consistently provided me with fast response and outstanding support to any queries. I would recommend HOSTAFRICA to any business looking for a reliable ISP.
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Committed to outstanding support

When you combine best-in-class web hosting with S-tier support specialists you end up with something really special. That’s exactly what we did. Our support team is ready to provide you with the assistance you need to put your problem to bed – tucked in tight with a bedtime story. Whether you need to log a ticket, live chat, or call, we’re ready and able to help you fix it.

Dependable cPanel hosting with spam filtering

We’re as reliable as they come, but you already know this. Our tried-and-true web hosting solutions are noted for their ease of use. Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and functional interface. Fret not about unsolicited emails and spam. We’re packing the best email protection, SpamExperts, so you can be unbothered by those incessant auto-mails.

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Get ready to fire up your very own .com.ng domain with everything you need to make your hosting venture a success, including disk space, and loads more.

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Easy control

Easy does it. Waste no time understanding an overly complicated UI. With cPanel you’ll be able to navigate like a sailor looking at clear skies.

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Constant monitoring

Our watchful eyes never sleep. We monitor our systems 24/7 and provide after-hours support if need be. Reach out to us via live chat, e-mail, or a phone call.

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Reliable servers

We protect your data with incremental, automatic backups, so you won’t miss it. We’re so sure of ourselves we guarantee 99.9% uptime for your website.

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Improved deliverability

Important emails showing up in the spam box or remaining undelivered is just the worst. Good thing you won’t have to worry about either of those things with us.

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Avoid blacklisting

We’ll keep your IP clean and out of trouble with outgoing spam filtering. After all, nobody puts Baby in the corner.

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Protect recipients

We don’t let malware or spyware hitch a ride using your email. Our security systems protect your recipients against your unwittingly passing these along.

improved reputation icon

Improved reputation

Constant uptime improves your IP address and website reputation, which of course gives your SEO a boost.

Get your business online today!

Join the thousands of happy clients hosting with us.

  • check mark SSL certificate included
  • check mark Try risk free
  • check mark Migration assistance
  • check mark Incredible support
  • check mark Free .com.ng domain name
  • check mark Locally hosted
  • check mark Includes softaculous
  • check mark Constant monitoring
  • check mark Enterprise SSDs
  • check mark Imunify 360 protection
  • check mark Daily Acronis backups
  • check mark After-hours support
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark Includes SpamExperts
  • check mark No contracts
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

Resources and add-ons

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³˜ Additional SSD data storage tiers

We offer the following tiered fees for shared hosting disk space if you need more storage.

Price per GB
0 GB to 10 GB
10 GB to 50 GB
50+ GB
All our servers run on SSD storage
SSL certificate
Daily Backups
Acronis backups included
Latest control panel included
Starter Basic Power Business
Speed 100 150 200 300
PMEM 1024 2048 3072 4096
IO 64 MB/s 128 MB/s 192 MB/s 256 MB/s
IOPS 512 768 1024 2048
EP 20 25 30 40
NPROC 100 150 200 300


³˜ Additional SSD data storage tiers

We offer the following tiered fees for shared hosting disk space if you need more storage.

Price per GB
0 GB to 10 GB
10 GB to 50 GB
50+ GB
All our servers run on SSD storage
SSL certificate
Daily Backups
Acronis backups included
Latest control panel included

Speed 100
PMEM 1024
IO 64 MB/s
IOPS 512
EP 20

Speed 150
PMEM 2048
IO 128 MB/s
IOPS 768
EP 25

Speed 200
PMEM 3072
IO 192 MB/s
IOPS 1024
EP 30

Speed 300
PMEM 4096
IO 256 MB/s
IOPS 2048
EP 40

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Focus on support – Most web hosting companies offer the same plans and prices, but swift, effective, personable, human support is invaluable.

Server location – A local server means low latencies.

Website uptime – Constant website uptime is imperative for anyone running a serious business or website.

Server speeds – The less time you spend waiting on things to load the better. We ensure you make the most of your time by using LiteSpeed caching, Mod Security WAF, Imunify360, and more.

Software & backups – You want solid web hosting management software and automatic backups that don’t count towards your disk space allocation.

Personable – You want a company that can help you scale your project while treating you like a valued friend the entire time.

Flexible – Flexibility in products and contract length means you can tailor what said hosting company has to your needs.

Simply reach out to us and we’ll assist you with your website migration. We’ll help move everything you need. We’ll also spot you free domain name transfers with three months of free hosting.

Disk space is the storage capacity on your server. It works similarly to the storage capacity of your standard laptop or computer.

Think of a sub-domain as the child of the main domain. It shares a strong relation and connection but it’s a different website. For example, my.hostafrica.com is a subdomain of www.hostafrica.com.

Web hosting is buying space on a server for a website to exist on the internet, while domain registration is buying the address so people can find that space on the internet.

You need both web hosting and domain registration for your website to be accessible. Similar to a house needing an address and an address being useless without a house.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that you can transfer to and receive from your users over time. So, if your website requires many large pages to load for thousands of visitors, you’ll need a larger bandwidth for those things to load at a good speed.

Essentially, your website stays on a web server owned by a hosting company. The hosting company will provide you with space on the web server, as well as the tools you need to manage your website, as a service.

PHP web hosting provides all the tools you’ll need to build, host, manage, and serve fast, dynamic websites built with PHP:

  • An FTP account to upload your PHP scripts,
  • Web servers that run PHP handlers to process your scripts to serve your website and manipulate databases,
  • MySQL database management system to manage your data using PHP, and
  • CMSs to manage your content.

A domain name is a human-readable word that directs people to a specific IP address. Website addresses are actually long numbers. Instead of remembering the number, we assign a domain name to the number. The same way your name and ID document works.

Absolutely, it can affect SEO in the following ways:

Page load time: Slow page load time is a bad SEO signal because it provides a poor user experience, which will hurt your website rankings

Server uptime, which means website uptime: Google will actually begin to de-index your website if it has more than a couple of days of downtime.

Server location: Search engines like Google use server location and domain names as relevancy signals for local users. So, hosting your website on a web server in Nigeria with a .ng domain will rank better for Nigerian visitors.