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Site Builder Part 1: Getting started

You’re about to take a step towards website autonomy by designing your own destiny as far as your site is concerned. It’s an empowering move, but charting your own path with a website builder can also be intimidating if you’ve got no place to start. So, how about a single step – purchasing your website builder.

If you’ve yet to take the plunge, let’s clear up what our Website Builder is. Our Site Builder is an easy-drag-and-drop UI that allows you to create a website without any coding skills. It includes over 200 templates and an array of features to help with customisation – all wrapped up in an understandable interface that makes creation a breeze.

The only requirements for making your website building campaign a success is your own imagination and a working index finger to click the various buttons.

How to purchase your website builder

Let’s get started with how to purchase our Website Builder.

Start off by heading to the Website Builder page and choosing the package that’s best suited to you. After you’ve decided on your package, you’ll be asked to choose a domain for your new website.

choose a domain screenshot

Naturally, you’ll have to choose a domain that isn’t in use already.

After you’ve chosen your domain. You’ll have a chance to review the specs of your package alongside the option of including Marketgoo SEO Tools. This nifty SEO kit will help promote growth and traffic for your website.

Image of the Hostafrica cart
Image of the Hostafrica cart with the marketing tool included

After that, you’ll be taken to the review and checkout screen where you can inspect that everything is in order.

Image of the Hostafrica review and checkout page

You’ll notice that a free SSL certificate is included for your domain. This’ll ensure your website’s data is secure while in transit, improving your SEO score and also creating trust for your visitors. Hit the Checkout button for your order to be put through.

After you complete the payment, you’ll receive an email like this showing your account information. And another follow-up mail confirming your domain registration.

welcome email screenshot

You’ll be able to access your Website Builder from your active Products/Service section in your WHMCS.

active products services screenshot

Clicking on your site builder product will take you to an overview of your website builder in your WHMCS. Here you can check information like your disk and bandwidth usage, and billing information, while also adjusting shortcut links and managing the domain.

You can head to your website builder by clicking on the “Open Site Builder” button to the left of the screen. You can also head to your site builder via cPanel.

client area screenshot

When you’re in cPanel, scroll to the Software section and you’ll find the site builder hiding at the bottom. Click it and you’re off to the races.

cpanel screenshot

Once you head to your website builder you’ll leave the WHMCS/cPanel area and can begin designing your own website.

That concludes the admin section of purchasing and setting up your website builder. In Part 2 of this setup series, we’ll go over the functions and features.

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