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3 Common Issues Resellers Face

3 All too common issues resellers face

You’ve already planned how you’ll market and secure your first 10 customers, what your prices will be, and maybe even what you’ll spend your first bonus on if everything goes well. Before all that, however, you’ll likely tackle at least one of these three common issues as a reseller. Let’s ensure they don’t hinder your operation just as you’re getting started.

This post serves as a guide for three general issues resellers might face. If you still feel stuck after attempting to patch up the issue yourself, please reach out to our support team at

Reseller issue #1 – Domain serverHold error code

One of our most faced support issues for resellers is when a domain’s status goes into hold. This is a server status code error or Extensible Provisioning Protocol domain status code error (#EPP): serverHold.

This can happen for a number of reasons, but commonly occurs when a domain has been added before the hosting package has been created.

So, a simple way to understand this is to think of ordering an item for delivery but giving no address for where it should be delivered.

In the same way, your domain name is registered, but because the domain registry can’t find a package (DNS records) for it, the domain goes into serverHold status

How to fix a serverHold error code 

Start by heading to our WHOIS lookup page and we’ll show you whatis the problem.

Simply enter your domain into the field and confirm that you’re not a robot. After hitting the enter key you’ll see a list of information about your domain. Scan down and look for Domain Status. If it shows OK then you’re okay. Alternatively, if it shows #EPP serverHold, then you’re not okay.

search results for a whois lookup

Head to your WHMCS client area home page and click on Domains.

NOTE: Only do this after you’ve secured your hosting package, or it won’t work.

the WHMCS client area showing how many domains are active

Once you’re in there you’ll see the list of domains you currently own. Move to the domain in question and click on the arrow next to the spanner. A drop down will appear. Click Manage Nameservers

Inside the active domains in WHMCS, and pointing to the settings for an individual domain

Once you’re in there, you’ll see the two nameservers:

the name of the name servers for a specific domain

Swap them around. That should patch the issue. If it still remains, reach out to us and we’ll change it manually from our end.

You can check to see if it worked by heading to the WHOIS page again.

Reseller issue #2 – Adding an account to prevent serverHold error for your client

So, the second issue resellers may run into is related to the first in all but one key area. As a reseller you need to create a cPanel account for your client first so the DNS zones exist prior to the new domain registration. Doing this prevents the domain from going into hold.

Essentially, the package delivery issue all over again, but this time you ordered a package for a friend (your reseller client) and didn’t give the address.

How to fix client serverHold error by adding an account

So, our approach to this issue takes a more preventative tone. Ensure your reseller clients stay happy by setting the stage for the problem not to appear in the first place.

Head to Create a New Account under the Account Functions dropdown.

The side bar in the reseller WHM showing where to create a new account

There you’ll be able to nip the problem in the bud by giving your reseller client the platform they need to graciously accept their delivery using a verified address.

Setting the resources available to the created account in WHM

If, however, you’ve already ordered the domain before creating the account, you can revert to the solution we gave for the first issue. 

Keep in mind that for any solution to work a hosting package or cPanel account must exist.

Another solution for this problem is changing the nameserver. To do this follow the same instructions as you did for issue one. Head to your WHMCS client area and swap the nameservers around from the Manage Nameservers page. 

NOTE: You’re only changing the 1 to a 2 and vice versa.

Once that’s done save the record and give some time for the dust to settle (usually a few seconds). The problem should be sorted.

Reseller issue #3 – Reseller accounts going over quota

The third and final common issue reseller’s face is a bit of a sneaky one. It’s being penalised for going over your quota, and usually unknowingly.

The issue is that while accounts may have been set up properly, sometimes the packages that need to be assigned to each account are not created. Each package should be for a different tier of product you offer.

So, if packages are not created, clients run the risk of using all the resources available to the reseller, which can take them over the limit on some occasions. Of course, when the bill arrives it’s the reseller that has to cover the extra cost. Ensure that packages are made and assigned to each client before they start.

So, similar to our Reseller packages having Starter, Basic, Power, and Expert, you’d want to include a couple of different web hosting packages for your clients.

That way you can allocate certain resources depending on the package they opt for and not get a bill for resource usage that you didn’t partake in (directly at least).

That’s because even if you weren’t the one going over the resource limit, your client went over the quota. That reads as your account using more resources than what was originally stipulated. You see the confusion.

How to fix reseller accounts going over quota

To deal with this stealthy issue, simply create a few packages and set limits on the resource usage for each one.

Head to Add a Package underneath the Packages dropdown. 

The sidebar showing where to add a reseller package in WHM

Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll see a screen where you can adjust the resource usage for the package you’re about to create.

The fields showing what the package specifications will be

Just be sure to allocate a specific package to whatever account you create after this. You can do this in the Create a New Account section when you’re (you guessed it) creating a new account.

The field showing which package a reseller would like to choose from the list of packages created

We’re here to help with any reseller issue you might have

As you can see, these fixes are pretty straightforward and don’t require too much technical know-how. In fact, as a reseller these shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to patch yourself.

If you do find yourself in a sticky spot despite the solutions to the reseller issues we presented, feel free to drop us a line. We’re always here to help and will ensure your problem is taken care of efficiently.

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