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Client Story: Kim W – Website Hosting

There’s a story behind every business or hobby

We’ve started a Support Businesses campaign.

In the spirit of Ubuntu you support our company and we support your ventures.

Whether you run a business or engage in hobbies, we love to know how our services are helping our clients realise their dreams, provide solutions, support others, make a difference in the world or simply bring them joy.

Kim Watermeyer

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Kim Watermeyer hosts her website with us.

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This is her story:

“I’m a creative at heart. I’m passionate about painting. I generally focus on subject matter that is connected to nature, but I have been known to deviate at times.

I was born and raised in Cape Town. I have loads of inspiration on my doorstep: from craggy mountains to rolling seas, and an abundance of beautiful fynbos (the smallest, yet richest floral kingdom in the world) to tickle my paint brushes and keep me very busy.

I’m recognised for my ‘masking tape’ paintings. This technique is my very own, original craft which I happened upon by chance, while cleaning out my studio. This process allows me to create artworks in acrylics that are extremely unique and tactile. One cannot paint ‘normally’ like this. It’s the ‘fluke’ that occurs, using masking tape, that makes my work so different and eye-catching.

My work is always happy, sometimes frivolous, sometimes naughty. It’s bright. It’s quirky, and it often puts a smile on your face.

My portfolio of work is now displayed in many homes throughout South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom and other European countries, China, Japan, Canada and the USA.”

Client Video

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Inspire Others

Your story can inspire others who have the same dream, goal or pastime and are looking for the right tools to make it a reality.

If you’re a client of ours, send us some pictures of yourself with your product/service and your short story (no more than 200 words). Or send us a video up to 1 minute long.

Email your submission to marketing[at] and we will be in touch! If your story is chosen, we’ll share it on social media and the best ones on our site.

Ideas of what to include:

  • Your name and surname
  • Where you’re from and/or where you’re based
  • Purpose and mission of your business or hobby
  • How our service(s) help your business or hobby succeed
  • Links to your website and social media accounts

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The Author

Michel L.

Part of HOSTAFRICA's Marketing Team, Michel is reponsible for creating visual content such as graphics and video tutorials for the company's YouTube channel. In her free time, Michel loves to travel, learn new things, improve herself, and be physically active.

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