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Price Increase Notification

Being the top-rated hosting provider is not a title that comes easy, nor do we wield it lightly. It requires expertise with exceptional service. To keep our services as high class as they’ve been, we’ve made a few changes to our cost base.

Factors beyond our control left us with no choice but to increase the prices on some of our services. These price changes will take effect from May 1st 2023.

For the sake of transparency, we thought it best to let you know what the cause behind these changes are.

  • Data Centre costs have increased by about 20%.
  • The NGN/USD exchange rate has dropped, affecting our ability to keep costs low.
  • Power prices have risen due to the diesel price surcharges for generators.

Domains on external registrars will also see a price increase. If you’d like to transfer to our primary registrar, reach out to our support engineers.

We’ve compiled a table that shows you the price structure for each service. Please have a look and familiarise yourself with the increases that affect you.

Product New Price
Web Hosting
Starter NGN 1 700
Basic NGN 2 800
Power NGN 5 000
Business NGN 8 400
Email Hosting
Starter NGN 1 300
Basic NGN 2 300
Power NGN 4 000
Business NGN 7 000
Site Builder Hosting
Starter NGN 5 300
Pro NGN 8 400
Pro Plus NGN 21 000
CMS Hosting
Starter NGN 7 000
Basic NGN 11 900
Power NGN 21 000
Business NGN 35 000
Web Hosting Reseller
Starter NGN 16 500
Basic NGN 35 900
Power NGN 58 200
Business NGN 77 000
CMS Hosting Reseller (LiteSpeed)
Starter NGN 13 900
Basic NGN 30 000
Power NGN 46 200
Business NGN 55 500
Cloud Backups Reseller
HOSTAFRICA Storage per GB NGN 44
Local Storage per GB NGN 33
Azure South Africa North per GB NGN 67
Advanced Backup for Physical Servers NGN 7 400
Advanced Backup for Virtual Machines NGN 2 880
Advanced Backup for Workstations NGN 1 250
Advanced Backup for Hosting Servers NGN 1 250
Cloud Backups
XS Plan NGN 9 150
S Plan NGN 13 800
M Plan NGN 25 200
L Plan NGN 57 300
XL Plan NGN 85 000
Software & Addons
Web Hosting Reseller – Additional cPanel Accounts(Per Account) NGN 249
Direct .com domains
Registration price NGN 10 375
Renewal price NGN 14 540
Reseller .com domains
Registration price NGN 13 180
Renewal price NGN 13 180

We’re thankful for your understanding and continued support. We’re all navigating these troubling times together. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at or +27 21 554 3096.

We’ll continue providing you with the excellent service you know.

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