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Have you ever wondered why you hear “everyone needs a website” all the time? Well, it’s simply because every business should have a website in today’s world. You should see your website, whether you’re a freelance blogger or the owner of a boutique shop, as the main reference point of your business. It’s the place […]
hand coding
Do people still do hand coding? People do hand coding, but mostly either on large projects or in boutique design houses. Tools such as WordPress, RVSitebuilder and many other content management systems (CMS)  frameworks may be great for getting a site up quickly, but 90% of the sites end up looking like clones. What are the […]
What (really) is Shared Hosting on dark background
What Shared Hosting Really is and What it’s Not So you have finally decided to make your own website. You turn to the internet for research, and the words shared hosting keep coming up. You see shared hosting plans on various websites, and it seems like you could get your website up and running at […]
Why is Google forcing SSL Google has been pushing webmasters to make the change to non-secure websites a for years now – including hinting at small rankings boost to further incentivize the shift. 81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default. Undoubtedly, Google loves its users and therefore, is coming up with […]
code better
Know the purpose of your domain or website At HOSTAFRICA, we have seen that having a website is no recipe for success. Some companies only have a web domain so that their email address corresponds to the company name. This is a very valid reason to have a domain and better than having a website […]
A short guide to designing faster websites
Designing a website and then expecting your site to speed up by throwing more resources such as CPU and bandwidth at it will never work. The main reason is that many people are still on slow connections or have low data caps. This means that they will only ever visit your site once. If a […]