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9 quick ways to optimise web images
You have probably been told time and time again that a website is the face of your business. Therefore, you put your maximum effort into everything you show to your visitors – the copy, the images, the videos, etc. But there is more to the equation. Just having pretty visuals on your website is not […]
how to rank higher on google blog seo
You’ve created your WordPress blog; you’ve written some quality content, but you don’t see an influx of visitors. You’ve left out one important step: Optimizing your WordPress blog for SEO. We walk you through basic optimization tactics step-by-step, and they can be applied to any website you want to rank higher. Contents What is SEO? […]
SEO jargon explained
The SEO world is rife with abbreviations and acronyms, some of which can be confusing at times. Especially if you’re new to the SEO game and trying to make a stamp on the digital world with your website. Not to worry, however. We’ve taken the liberty of putting all the relevant terms you’ll need for […]
5 free ways to market your website dark background
Extra, Extra! Market your website with no extra cost, in a way that makes an actual impact on your traffic. And no, we not talking about eliciting the help of a 20th century peasant boy who’ll run around and toss newspapers at unsuspecting passers-by. We mean free, impactful marketing strategies that’ll help build your brand […]