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Never lose data

Never lose data

Data loss can hit at any time, and it pays to be prepared. Data loss can happen accidentally or unintentionally, for example as a result of defective software or hardware, through user error. It can also be malicious in origin, such as through a virus or malware.

An online backup system is one of the best ways to protect yourself from all kinds of data loss.

Data loss protection

We offer easy and comprehensive online backup solutions to protect against data loss. Our backup solutions take less than 5 minutes to setup. Upon setup, your encrypted backup is transferred immediately to our secure data centre.

With our user-friendly operation, navigating and managing your backups is easy. Your data can be encrypted upon backup as well, for additional security. We follow the industry standard AES-256 for backup data encryption, and only you have the decryption key.

You can set your backups to your own schedule, with flexible speeds and intervals to suit your needs. We offer a built-in automatic backup scan to check the backup data for failures or irregularities automatically after each transfer.

You also have three flexible recovery options:

  1. Restore individual files or an entire database using the web-based control console,
  2. Easily download particular items from the built-in backup browser, or
  3. Restore your backup directly to a new device after a hardware defect, by simply starting up our backup client instead of setting up from scratch.

What data system do you want to protect?

Our online backup solutions prevent data loss for several different systems, depending on your needs. With our platform-independent technology, we support Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

You can choose from four comprehensive backup packages, including Office 365 backup, computer backup, VM backup or server backup. The Office 365 backup allows you to secure all your Office 365 mailboxes.

PC/Mac backups protect your desktop or laptop computers. Our server package offers reliable backup of server systems and business-critical applications.

For efficient and reliable backup solutions at affordable rates, contact us today.

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