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Guide to iptables blog cover
Iptables is a firewall utility in Linux that lets you define granular IP packet filter rules for your server. Using these rules, you can effectively control access to your server. […]
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Letter to DigiServ Clients
Dear DigiServ Customer, We write to you with very exciting news. After 21 Years of serving you through DigiServ, it is now time to grow and take our offering to […]
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12 things every business website needs
You can almost think of your business’s website as a window into your business. By peeking into this window, customers get to see what your business is all about, what […]
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grep command cover image
Grep is a powerful Linux command that lets you search for strings and expressions, across files and directories. It can be used to match patterns in log files, filter out […]
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Site Builder Part 2 Blog Cover
You’ve got your website builder account sorted, now let’s get straight into how the features and their functions work. As with any artistic expression, messes will happen, and mistakes will […]
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cron jobs cover image
Cron has been the staple of Linux automation for decades. It allows administrators to schedule the periodic execution of certain commands or scripts. The scheduled commands/scripts are known as cron […]