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New IP address – WHOIS this? The phonebook may be outdated, but the idea upon which it was based is very much alive. We’ve basically taken the principles of the telephone directory and shifted it to the online realm where we can now search for IP addresses instead of phone numbers. That’s essentially what a […]
Sorry, members only. That is, you’ll need an Acronis Cloud Backup plan for this guide to be applicable or even relevant to you. That’s because we’re going to take you through setting up your Acronis Cloud Reseller, and naturally, you won’t be able to sell something if you haven’t acquired the product yet. Although, if […]
acronis cloud protect installation guide
Step one: click install. We jest, but our installation guide for Acronis backups are only slightly more complicated. A few commands here and there, sure, but every outcome from each step is accounted for so you can’t lose your way. All in all, this Acronis installation guide will take you from newbie to protected in […]
create awesome content for your blog dark background
Create top-notch quality content for your blog You’re staring at your screen, hypothetical pen in hand, abstract cartoon images swirling around inside your head – it’s time to create content for your blog and write your first blog post. Although, the more you stare at the blinking cursor the more you realise you’re not sure […]
Best Practices for Password Security A good password is more than just some obscure word or a random combination of characters. Modern password cracking software and computing power can easily break passwords in a surprisingly short time. “password123” can be hacked in 6 seconds. Any password shorter than 12 characters is quick and easy to […]
We believe in helping our clients to the best of our ability. This sometimes also means refusing to help clients as some queries fall outside our scope of support or area of expertise. Windows Powershell is one of these areas, so we’ve put together a helpful guide. If you’re a Windows user who likes to […]